Letter from the editor: Bree Soule

Letter from the editor: Bree Soule

Bree Soule, Online Editor

Dear Audience, 

As the upcoming Online Editor-in-Chief for the Fenton InPrint, I have numerous goals and plans for the 2020-2021 school year. With our current Editors-in-Chief graduating, along with many other seniors on staff, we are bound to exhibit change. This change requires preparation and new ideas on how to run the online edition of the InPrint 

Consistency is key to developing a good website. Considering we will have a smaller staff next year, the uploading schedule will need to be revised to make the most of what we produce. I’m excited to work with our writers and to help them work on their articles to get them out as quickly as possible. However, it is expected that the uploading schedule will reduce to two or three times a week. As the year continues, this schedule is subject to change as I learn how quickly our writers and editors produce their work. Keeping the schedule consistent is one of my goals for the upcoming year so that the website stays updated and current.

In the upcoming year, the InPrint staff will be predominantly underclassmen. This requires recruiting to be a main priority throughout the year. We will have to work to find excellent writers and get the word out to all students. To do this, we could talk to the English teachers at Fenton High, asking them to send us their recommendations so we can get in contact with those students. We could also go into different classes talking about what the InPrint staff is like, or have SRT teachers play a video for their students. There are numerous ways to get the information out and I plan to do as many as possible to increase the chances of recruiting students. 

Connecting with the students at Fenton High is also a top priority. Reaching out and producing content students would like to read will not only help encourage our writers, but will also help the online edition attract more viewers. Working with the students and teachers to create content everyone enjoys is something I hope to continue focusing on during the upcoming school year. To achieve this goal, I will meet with returning staff members to brainstorm ideas. One idea I have in mind is doing more contests, featuring the winners. This would encourage students to participate, attracting them to the website.

When I was in eighth grade, I participated in Junior Journalism, which was run by the InPrint staff. I intend to bring this back, as it hasn’t been run the past two years. This will allow incoming freshmen to become exposed to the atmosphere of the newspaper staff, hopefully encouraging them to join. During my experience on the Junior Journalism staff, I learned many things. The most important, however, was the bond that can be created within the staff members. We did fun activities in which we relied on one another to complete a goal. This is similar to the staff environment. Not only will this expose incoming freshmen to the staff atmosphere, it will also help teach young writers intending to join staff writing styles and rules beforehand.

While no plans have been set in stone, preparation for the upcoming year has already begun. Taking on the responsibility of Editor-in-Chief will be difficult at times, but I am prepared to take on the challenge and look forward to following in the footsteps of our current Online Editor-in-Chief.

Bree Soule, 2020-2021 Online Editor in Chief