‌Opinion: Positivity Project helps students gain positive knowledge and traits

‌Opinion: Positivity Project helps students gain positive knowledge and traits

Angelina Vitarelli, Writer

The Positivity Project is touching lives throughout our district and is making a huge impact. On the Positivity Project’s website, an inspiring statement at the top says, “Positive character education in just 15 minutes a day, empower your students to build positive relationships and become their best selves— whether learning is in-person, virtual, or hybrid.”

I think it’s good for Fenton because it is a community-wide initiative and will continue to grow,” Assistant Principal Zachary Bradley said. “t brings in a lot of different players and stakeholders with a lot of different opportunities. I know from my experience in Grand Blanc that we’re at a stage where community businesses and community partnerships have grown as a result of it, where they’ll even have internships and work-experience types of opportunities.” 

The Positivity Project has not been present at Fenton High for long but has been involved in the elementary schools and middle school. The project has managed to get the attention of students and teachers alike throughout its time in Fenton. Teachers post videos relating to the project in google classroom or talk about it in SRT meetings. 

“I think right now the biggest thing is that we’re trying to unveil it to students and to roll this out at a high school level,” Bradley said. “Teenagers tend to, at times, be jaded and skeptical when it comes to new initiatives and something that can feel very elementary, but I know that there’s been more of an emphasis placed on the programming in elementary and middle school.”

Bradley has previous experience with high school students and the Positivity Project at Grand Blanc High School, which has helped Fenton gain ground in introducing this project to the community and its positive impacts.

“I know this year, there are lots of challenges with SRT, with limitations of attendance at different events,” Bradley said. “I think that’s been one of the biggest barriers in all of this, that we’re trying to introduce this in a pandemic type of year. It would be very different if it was happening in person or we had some of the opportunities out with the more traditional school settings. For example, in Grand Blanc during homecoming, one of the things that the district would try to do is incorporate the Positivity Project into homecoming court speeches, take one of the character strengths and traits and have the candidates speak to those strengths and characteristics.”

The Positivity Project centers around 24 characteristics designed to help young people become better versions of themselves.

“The Positivity Project forces us to become centered and refocus on some of the most basic human traits,” junior Katie Premo said. “This has proven to be a major benefit, not only for myself but also for many others. I have seen myself take a step back and work on becoming a better person and portray the characteristics that the project has talked about.”

With COVID-19 restrictions and low SRT attendance, many Positivity Project related items may go unnoticed. Positive relationships that are built now may have an impact on the future and how our world looks. By giving this generation the foundations of strong character and relationships, they are being equipped with knowledge and skills they can use throughout their entire lives, hopefully, to better their own lives and others. 

The Positivity Project can help remind everyone of how important it is to focus on traits such as forgiveness, kindness, bravery and so much more,” Premo said. “I think it’s really important for everyone to be aware of these things, especially in the world we are living in right now.”