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Junior Ricky Giltrop runs and operates his own business

Junior Ricky Giltrop runs and operates his own business

Alexandra Marsee, Writer

April 11, 2019

When he is not in school or hanging out with friends, junior Ricky Giltrop is running his landscape company as one of the youngest entrepreneurs in Fenton. Giltrop Grass & Landscape was launched, developed, and continues to grow today solely by the work of the 17-year-old himself. “I started...

Feeling under the weather? You may have this

Lauren Koscielniak, Writer

April 10, 2019

Netflix plays on the television screen, watched with tired eyes while wrapped in blankets and sweating, despite feeling like an iceberg in Antarctica. With seasons changing and the moisture content in the air constantly dropping or rising, immune systems have to battle repeatedly against shifting environments....

Technology is making the average person’s life worse

Maci Best, Assistant Print Editor

April 4, 2019

With the latest trends in technology, people all over the world have become obsessed with the buzz of a notification or the latest gaming system that tears them from the outside world. This increased fixation is ruining lives, and it is only getting worse. From iPhones to Playstations, teenagers especially...

Technology is improving the quality of life

Amber Kelly, Opinions Editor

April 4, 2019

The use of technology is inevitable. According to Statista, 270 million Americans own a mobile phone. From making tasks simpler such as video calling and streaming services, to life saving innovations in the medical field, technology is improving the human race. Over the last 40 years, cell phones...

Fenton InPrint members attend CSPA conference

Fenton InPrint members attend CSPA conference

Hannah Young, Writer

April 2, 2019

Members of the Fenton InPrint travelled to New York City, March 19-22, for the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Conference. Out of 1,181 digital, print newspapers, magazines and yearbooks published during the 2017-2018 academic year, Fenton InPrint received  the CSPA Gold Crown Award at the confe...