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Freshmen Libby Maier, Ava LaFayette and Fiona Dunlop participate in Shrek the Musical

Lauren Koscielniak, Writer

February 11, 2019

As they recite their lines and press on bold, bright make-up, freshmen Libby Maier and Ava Lafayette prepare to take the stage as performers at Starlight Theatre. The girls take on lead roles as Fiona (Maier) and Lord Farquaad (LaFayette) in Shrek the Musical. Joining the two, is freshman Fiona Dunlop,...

Fenton wrestlers compete in first ever girls state championship

Fenton wrestlers compete in first ever girls state championship

Madi Wheeler, Online Editor-in-Chief

February 6, 2019

After a lot of push for a girls state championship wrestling meet, senior Chloe Wagner, junior Ella Turnblom and sophomore Kendra Ryan participated in the first. On Feb. 2 and 3, Wagner and Ryan became state champs after taking first in their weight classes and Turnblom placed third in hers. “It...

Opinion: Spring cleaning is a must do every year

Sydney Bommersbach, Online Editor

February 4, 2019

Stressed? Constantly tripping over clutter? Plagued by allergies? These issues can be easily solved by deeply cleaning each room in a house. Seventy six percent of Americans participate in spring cleaning, according to a study conducted by the American Cleaning Institute. Spring cleaning can decrease stress on many differ...

Senior Drew Follett spends every summer sailing

Senior Drew Follett spends every summer sailing

Sydney Bommersbach, Online Editor

January 30, 2019

Introduced to sailing when she was five years old, senior Drew Follett’s grandpa used to take her out on Grand Traverse Bay. Since then, Follett has developed a passion for sailing and is the best version of herself on the water. “When I was 12,” Follett said, “I attended this sailing school called Tr...

Opinion: Humans have increased the rate of Global Warming

Gracie Warda, Assistant Online Editor

January 24, 2019

By 2100, ocean levels could rise up to 26 inches— enough to cause significant damage to some coastal cities. Hurricanes, tornadoes and other forms of extreme weather have become more unpredictable and more extreme. The Polar Ice Caps are melting at a record-breaking rate. All are thanks to global warming,...