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Opinion: pros and cons of virtual college visits

Opinion: pros and cons of virtual college visits

Andrea Elsholz, Print Editor in Chief July 31, 2020

While the option of in-person interaction is extremely limited, universities have offered up virtual tours for prospective students to learn about the school from home and ease the decision making process.  Very...

Gap years can be beneficial to students

Gracie Warda, Assistant Online Editor March 7, 2019

Most people follow the traditional path of elementary school, middle school, high school then college, however, about 40,000 Americans each year take a different path by taking a gap year between high...

Smiling during the first day of school activity, senior Spencer Gabler talks to his group about what design they are planning to do. Gabler played with Play-Doh as they made a pretty flower landscape with his 4 other members in his group.

Opinion: The pros and cons to taking a gap year

March 7, 2019

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