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It’s more than just Christmas, say Happy Holidays

December 7, 2017

There are over ten different holidays within the month of December, yet I am only ever told “Merry Christmas”. This leaves out Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe and other holidays that occupy the month along with Christmas but are often forgotten. Unless you know that someone specifically celebrates a holiday the best was to wish them a joyful holiday season by using the phrase “happy holidays”.

America is often called the melting pot of both races and religions, and while it seems as if most people only celebrate Christmas, these other holidays are widely celebrated. According to Rasmussen Reports, approximately three percent of Americans celebrate Hanukkah meaning that about 9,693,000 Americans celebrate the holiday. The use of “Merry Christmas” neglects to include these Americans in the holiday celebrations.

Beyond America each country celebrates the holiday season differently and for different reasons. People in Scandinavian countries honor St. Lucia on December 13 and many girls in Sweden dress up as “Lucia brides” in honor of St. Lucia. In Spain and in the United Kingdom boxing day is celebrated on December 26. Simply saying “Merry Christmas” in these countries would not be enough to include their holiday traditions.

“Happy Holidays” serves as an umbrella term that is meant to include any religion, any race and any holiday. If someone was to go into a crowded room and shout an exclusive celebratory term such as “Merry Christmas” can offend those who do not celebrate Christmas as well as make them feel uncomfortable if they want to go on and talk about the holiday that they celebrate.

In the end “Happy Holidays” is a better term to use when wishing others a happy and safe holiday. It ensures that any holiday is included and everyone can enjoy the holiday season in their own way.

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  • Samantha OrneasDec 8, 2017 at 12:16 AM

    Tell me again, the name of the holiday on December 25th in the United States? By your logic, we should not say “Happy Independence Day” or celebrate the 4th of July, because there are over 8 million Jehovas Witnesses in America, and Jehovas Witnesses do not celebrate the 4th of July Independence Day holiday.

    If it’s actually Hannakah, I will wish someone Happy Hannakah. If it’s Memorial Day, I will wish someone a happy Memorial Day. And if it’s Christmas Day, I will wish someone a Merry Christmas.

    If I want to wish someone well during the time between Thanksgiving and New Years in general, then fine, Happy Holidays, it on December 25th, it is Merry Christmas all day!