The student news site of Fenton High School

Fenton InPrint Online

The student news site of Fenton High School

Fenton InPrint Online

The student news site of Fenton High School

Fenton InPrint Online


The Fenton InPrint is the student-led newspaper of Fenton High School. Through the Advanced Journalism class, students publish a print newspaper monthly and update the Fenton InPrint website daily. Questions, comments or concerns can be addressed at [email protected] .

Our Mission

The Fenton InPrint as a staff is committed to providing students, faculty and the community with diverse and relevant news coverage. They strive for accuracy and perfection, passionate about their jobs as student journalists. Spokespeople for the student body, the InPrint staff works collaboratively to cover all local events.  They work to have an audience as diverse as their coverage, reaching far and wide to bring news to the people of Fenton.


Editorials with a byline reflect the thoughts of the writer. Editorials without bylines are staff editorials on which the entire class votes to decide the stance taken. Opinions expressed in editorials are not necessarily those of the administration.

Letters to the Editor:

The staff encourages students, staff and administrators to submit guest columns, tweets or letters to the staff. Letters and guest columns may be emailed to [email protected] . Tweets can be made at @inprintfenton. All letters must be signed and include a phone number to verify information. Letters are subject to editing for space. Anonymous letters and those that are photocopied or addressed to a third person are subject to change.


Pictures considered offensive will not be run without written consent from the persons pictured and, if necessary, his/her legal guardian. All photography not labeled as a photo illustration has not been digitally altered in any way to change the content of the original. All photos not given credit remain in public domain.


If the paper prints incorrect information, any necessary corrections will be made in the next issue. Correction suggestions can be sent to [email protected] .


InPrint reserves the right to edit any advertisement that is considered to be in poor taste for a high school publication, or one that in any way suggests violation of federal, state or local laws. Through a voting process, the editorial board makes the final decision whether an advertisement should be published.

Forum Status:

As a student-led newspaper serving a high school-based audience, the Fenton InPrint is a limited-public forum. The Fenton InPrint staff reserves the right to edit user submissions.