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Tyler Soule, Sports Editor | February 14, 2019

Running down the field, the athlete’s muscles burned. Usually, he could have completed this run 10 times over before he started to slow down. But after a night of drinking, vaping and smoking, his muscles refused to keep up with his body. He was dehydrated, and his muscles screamed in protest every time he moved. “There’s no easy way to be a good athlete,” athletic trainer Mitch Smelis said....

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The girls and boys varsity bowling teams progress as the season continues

Bree Soule, Writer | January 23, 2019

After both teams won only one match last season, the girls and boys varsity bowling teams are working to improve their skills as bowlers and hope to be on the path to victory. “There can be improvement for anything we do,” senior Nick Hall said. “I always tell everyone that no one is perfect at anything. We can always do some drills and things of that nature but it's all for the better. I...

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Taron Masi, Online Editor | December 12, 2018

As early as 4:30 a.m. student-athletes are waking up to their alarms and beginning their day. Although school doesn’t start until 7:45 a.m., these students need to be at the school at 5:30 a.m. for their morning sports practice. There are multiple reasons coaches would conduct these practices before school. “Coach Jones makes practice in the morning mandatory because he uses that extra...

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