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Athletes double up in spring sports

Lily Tiong, Writer

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Multitasking is something that dual sport athletes have become accustomed to. Each season, some more popular than others, there is the opportunity to play more than one sport during that time period.

“Students who play more than one sport per season first have to fill out a form,” Athletic Director Michael Bakker said. “Within the form, they’re required to attach calendars of the two sports schedules and figure out any conflicts between them.”

To help smooth out any problems, an athlete must choose which sport out of the two will be the primary sport, and which will be the secondary. The primary sport will always get seniority over the secondary.

“If there is a game for one sport, and a practice in the other, game always takes first priority,” Bakker said. “If there is a game in both primary and secondary sports, they would have to go the primary sport’s game, no questions asked.”

Signatures from both coaches and a parent is required to be a dual sport athlete. Academics are also a big role and is not compromised even with the extra hours of practice.

“Making time for both sports (track and soccer) is not any easy task, and it often involves a lot of compromise,” junior Hanna Chapin said. “It’s really tiring but I’ve found a way to make time for everything and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Coaches aware of dual sport athletes and the primary secondary rule are fair and treat  team members the same as any other player on the team.

“School is hard to juggle with both soccer and track but I try to do my best and keep up with it,” freshman Emma Hall said. “I’ve done track for so long so switching it up with soccer was really different but still fun.”

It takes a student who is dedicated, strong, academically, and committed to a busy schedule. The number of dual sport athlete varies depending on the school year, typically being the most during the Spring season.

“Dual sports can cause problems with schools, it’s not all great,” Bakker said. “There have other schools who have been affected, especially when it comes to state championships.”

Dual sports has not yet affected Fenton athletics negatively in past years. No two athletes are the same, and certain dynamics along with certain sports, just don’t work well together.

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