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Underclassmen students commit to colleges with sports scholarships

Hannah Young, Writer

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Perfecting their sport for a college scholarship is on some athlete’s mind throughout their high school career. Underclassman being offered a scholarship is a rare occurrence, yet junior Logan Welch and sophomore Emma Hiscock have been offered scholarships from colleges for their athletic achievements and each are verbally committed to a school.

“I’m verbally committed to SVSU,” Welch said. “I plan to play baseball as a shortstop and to study business. When I visited SVSU, it felt right at home. The coach had told me that four players had asked if they could take me to lunch and walk me around. Overall the the players and the coaches made me feel so comfortable and it almost feels like family.”

Welch plans to attend SVSU with a scholarship in baseball while Hiscock plans to do the same with a different university for soccer. She is committed to the University of Louisville.

“I am committed to the University of Louisville to play division one soccer,” Hiscock said. “I am very excited for this, it’s a great fit for me. I’m not sure what to do, but I plan on doing something in the science field.”

PHOTO Photo Courtesy of Emma Hiscock
Sophomore Emma Hiscock has decided to continue her soccer career at the University of Louisville.

Hiscock was found through the showcases that she does with the Elite Clubs National League (ENCL), where colleges and national team coaches come and watch teams play. Welch went to showcases at colleges and played baseball for head coaches at colleges, the SVSU head coach saw and offered him his scholarship.

“I went to showcases at colleges and the day after the Battle of the Big House game,” Welch said. “I was at one at Central Michigan and the SVSU coach came up to me and said he wanted to get to know me on a visit, little did I know during the showcase the SVSU coach was sending videos of me playing to the head coach. I stole after hitting a base hit and collided with the second baseman and popped straight up. That was when the coach said I stood out the most.”

PHOTO Photo Courtesy of Logan Welch
Junior Logan Welch has committed to Saginaw Valley State University to play baseball.

The training and hardship athletes such as Welch and Hiscock offers them the results they need for scholarships and rewards. Emma Hiscock was offered a scholarship at University of Louisville, she trained with many leagues and clubs to give her the best shot.

“I have been playing since I was a child,” Hiscock said. “I’ve dedicated a lot of my time. I’ve gotten very good training from my club [Michigan Hawks]. I have been training, in soccer, since I was six years old. I was trained with normal club training, I also did the ECL league. This year I am doing the league academy.”

Hiscock has dedicated time to her sport like Welch with baseball. Welch is now relieved that the training and recruiting process is over.

“It’s nice [being offered a scholarship as an underclassman] because the recruiting process is over for the most part,” Welch said. “I can just play the game I love with teammates that I love. I also love not having to worry about recruitment.”

Underclassman offers are an achievement not everyone gets. Hiscock and Welch are planning to take advantage of their scholarships for their sports. From the recruiting process to training and to the sport itself, the athletes can focus on their studies and the future ahead with their commitments.

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