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Movie Review: Detective Pikachu

Movie Review: Detective Pikachu

John Sabato, Reviewer

May 14, 2019

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(No Spoilers) Pokémon is a modern phenomenon and a staple in pop culture. When news broke of this movie being in development at Warner Brothers, everyone was a bit worried, as video game movies haven’t always been the most perfectly adapted stories. When the first trailer dropped for this movie it ...

Senior Alex Marsee takes on the role of “Perfect” in Columbinus

Senior Alex Marsee takes on the role of “Perfect” in Columbinus

Alexandra Marsee, Writer

May 2, 2019

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Columbine; hearing the city strikes a certain fear down any American that knows its name. The site of the first mass school shooting of America, the small town quickly made a name for itself that will stick forever. As many may know, the Columbine High School shooting left a huge impact on school systems...

Social media influencers do not deserve their fame

Amber Kelly, Opinions Editor

May 1, 2019

Filed under Opinion

Tik Tok, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter are just a few of the apps social media influencers use to reach out to their fans. Some of the top influencers post a picture or video everyday and are paid thousands to do so. They’ve done no real work to earn their fame. Social media influencers are paid...

Fenton high school hosts 4 student teachers for school year

Bree Soule, Writer

April 30, 2019

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This year, Fenton High was introduced to four new student teachers: Nicholas Juip, Rebecca Tuuri, Rachel Ockerman and Sal Ausiello. Each has a mentor to assist with day to day challenges in the classroom and help them improve their teaching skills. “Student teaching has been one of the best and...

FHS students compete in national LifeSmarts competition

FHS students compete in national LifeSmarts competition

Gracie Warda, Assistant Online Editor

April 26, 2019

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On April 12-19, students from business teacher Bruce Burwitz’s classes traveled to Orlando, Florida for the nationwide LifeSmarts competition. Seniors Evelyn Eck, Ted Graves, Andrew Fox and junior Joel Diccion competed against teams across the nation in a quiz bowl style environment. “There were...

Teachers should give extra credit for non-academic things

Angelina Vitarelli, Writer

April 24, 2019

Filed under Opinion

Recently, a few teachers at Fenton have given students the opportunity to earn “extra credit” through non-academic means. One of the ways they have done so are through purchasing supplies for the classroom. Extra credit can be an opportunity to fix a grade or improve performance in a class, regardless...

Get to know Fenton’s IB coordinator, Kelly Boike

Get to know Fenton’s IB coordinator, Kelly Boike

Angelina Vitarelli, Writer

April 22, 2019

Filed under Personality Profiles, Showcase

Kelly Boike, Fenton’s International Baccalaureate (IB) coordinator since the year of 2005, has numerous roles within her occupation: IB Coordinator, Extended Essay Coordinator, DEEP Coordinator and Early/Middle College Coordinator. “I’ve been an educator for 20 years, and I value lifelong learning...

Students have limited rights on school property to ensure the safety of others

Ellie Vasbinder, Assistant Print Editor

April 19, 2019

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The Bill of Rights in the Constitution clearly states the civil liberties we have as people, specifically in the first amendment: freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly and the freedom to petition. Because public schools are run by the government, they must...

Local magician brings magic and mystery into the spotlight

Local magician brings magic and mystery into the spotlight

Tyler Soule, Sports Editor

April 18, 2019

Filed under Personality Profiles

The magician grabs his props and prepares to wow the crowd. The crowd stays hooked through each movement he does. They are trying to figure out every step of his trick, but a magician should never reveal their secrets and he has many distractions along the way. The music gets louder, quickly approaching...

12 schools, two divisions for the 2019 Flint Metro League

Madi Wheeler, Online Editor-in-Chief

April 12, 2019

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After a two-year process of finalizing the new bylaws of the Flint Metro League, Fenton athletics will now participate in a two-division, 12 school league starting with the 2019-2020 school year. Beginning next fall , there will be two different divisions--Stars and Stripes--within the league. Fenton,...