Fenton community annoyed by traffic caused by road closures

Caleb Markley, Writer

Silver Lake Road, Owen Road, Shiawassee Road, US-23 and I-75 are all roads and highways that are or have been closed for maintenance over the summer and fall months. These closures have caused backups for miles and have been exacerbated by all the students getting out of school.

“The closures are not ideal,” junior Luke DeFina said, “because I have to sit in traffic for longer now and it takes longer to get everywhere.”

Not only does the traffic increase travel time, but it has forced the Fenton community to find alternate routes to take other than the main roads. With many of the main roads under construction, even finding alternative routes may be difficult.

”It has made navigating harder,” junior Jack Scott said, “because now I have to find alternative routes to where I need to go.” 

Although the closures are inconvenient, they have proven results in protecting cars from damage. According to the organization Changing America, bad American roads are costing Americans $500 a month in car repairs. So far, Owen road, Silver Lake Road, Shiawassee road and the US-23 ramp are complete and much smoother than they were before construction.

These construction projects were completed in early November this year, ending the travel time and navigating issues they had caused.