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Angelina Vitarelli, Writer | February 13, 2019

Animal testing has been around since early Greek physicians and scientists like Aristotle were alive. That doesn’t make it logical and sensible and it...

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Sydney Bommersbach, Online Editor | February 4, 2019

Stressed? Constantly tripping over clutter? Plagued by allergies? These issues can be easily solved by deeply cleaning each room in a house. Seventy six...

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Gracie Warda, Assistant Online Editor | January 24, 2019

By 2100, ocean levels could rise up to 26 inches— enough to cause significant damage to some coastal cities. Hurricanes, tornadoes and other forms of...

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Lukas Zywicki, Sports Columnist | January 15, 2019

Every day there seems to be a protest/riot and people are attacking one another. It’s just the way the world works now. But why? Why is it now just part...

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