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Opinion: Organ donation is worth the risks

Jessie Bright, Writer | June 11, 2019

Every day in the US, 20 people die waiting for an organ on the transplant list. Add those numbers up, and it leads to approximately 7,300 preventable deaths...

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Opinion: Organ donation is too risky

Hannah Young, Online Editor | June 11, 2019

Organ donation can be a disheartening activity. Because of the high cost, surgical complications that can occur. The ethical factors that lead people away...

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Sydney Bommersbach, Assistant Online Editor | June 6, 2019

Click. Click. The camera shutter closes and takes a picture that will surely be posted on social media platforms later. Although social media is often...

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Tyler Soule, Print Editor in Chief | May 23, 2019

They start off as simple questions like, “hey, what’d you get on your SAT?” or “what’s your GPA?”, but all of these questions, while they may...

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