Fenton tennis summer program provides extra repetition

Anna Weigle, Writer

Summer is right around the corner, which means sports clinics and training are underway. Girls tennis is in the spring while boys are in the fall, but both have summer training. This tennis summer program helps athletes keep in shape so they don’t lose skills. 

Senior Eileen O’Rourke has been playing tennis all throughout high school and has participated in this summer clinic multiple times. 

“It’s a lot of fun because we get to continue practicing and getting better even after the season’s ended,” O’Rourke said. “Tennis is all about repetition— it’s really important to keep practicing, especially because the tennis season is so short. When practice in the summer starts, your strokes become a lot more consistent, making you a better player all around.”

Even though the girls play in the spring, junior Sarasee Kiran keeps her skills consistent so that when spring does come, she is ready to face the other school’s programs.

“The boys team needs to practice in the summer so they have practice every day,” Kiran said. “They open it up to the girls team as well, so every morning we do drills and play matches. This is beneficial because playing against new people always helps.”

Summer break is often utilized as extra practice time for all sports. Senior Abbey Lamb uses this opportunity to enhance her skills in tennis. 

“We work on skills like back hand, net work and things like footwork,” Lamb said. “It’s helpful because it gives you extra practice during the off season and I also think it’s fun because it’s something that you choose to do and is usually done with friends.”

The tennis summer program will be held again this year. The Fenton athletic page will update on the time and dates as it gets closer to summer break.