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An inside scoop on the FHS Student Teachers

PHOTO Sophie Collins

Each year Fenton High welcomes different student teachers. Student teachers typically teach towards the end of their education, where they apply their knowledge and skills to real-life teaching. Throughout the semester, student teachers gradually take over the roles of the classroom. 

This year for the second semester, FHS welcomed three student teachers. Lisa Daly teaches in Business teacher Bruce Burwitz’s classroom, Jessica Schmid teaches in Literature and Composition teacher Sarah Andersen’s classroom and Erin Pudney teaches in science teacher David Sturm’s classroom.  

Daly teaches finance, accounting and business management (BMA). She goes to school at Roosevelt University, Chicago.

“It’s been an amazing experience,” Daly said. “Not only did I win the lottery with Mr. Burwitz, I have had the most welcoming and supportive students to work with everyday.” 

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When Daly finishes student teaching this semester, she will move on to become a teacher in marketing, BMA and finance. Her choice to become a teacher in these subjects was because she feels these classes are what offer the most life skills and allow students to prepare for the world outside of high school.  

Student teaching can have its ups and downs, especially going into a high school not knowing the type of kids you are going to get. A lot of teachers are nervous at first.

“Honestly I had the fear that I would let the students down or I would not be good enough,” Daly said.

However, over time, they become more comfortable and have many rewarding experiences in their semester of student teaching.

“The most rewarding moment has been this whole experience,” Daly said. “I am super proud of the group of kids that are going to LifeSmarts National Competition and the student involvement in the Entrepreneur Club.” 

People have many different reasons they choose the career path they do. For Daly, it was what she had a passion for and could make an impact in. 

“I am looking forward to getting the opportunity to build connections and inspire future students,” Daly said. 

Like Daily, Schmid is also currently a student teacher at FHS.. She teaches literature and goes to school at Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU). When she finishes her student teaching, she will continue to focus on teaching English. English has been her favorite subject throughout school and something she has always been strong at. 

Her love for teaching began in high school in her English classes.

“I solidified my decision when I joined the LINK crew as a junior and senior where I was able to guide freshmen throughout the year,” Schmid said. “I combined all those positive experiences to decide to be a teacher.”                                                                                                 

Although there are challenges that Schmid has faced this semester, she has been able to overcome them.

“Despite the challenges that I’ve faced in learning how to be a good teacher,” Schmid said, “student teaching has been the most rewarding thing that I’ve done so far.” 

Fenton High was high on Schmid’s list for student teaching placement and she is very glad to be teaching with her amazing students. 

“I feel very thankful that I was able to be placed at this school,” Schmid said, “and with Mrs. Andersen, who is endlessly kind with lots of knowledge to pass onto me.”   

Lastly, Pudney teaches science and also goes to school at SVSU. She will be graduating from SVSU with a degree in integrated science, meaning she can teach any science subject from grades 6-12. 

“My personal favorite is biology,” Pudney said. “I love that it is a subject that everyone can relate to and see proof of in everyday life.” 

She knew she wanted to become a teacher when she realized her two favorite things,  mentorship and science, came together. She likes how schools provide a place where everyone can feel a sense of community. 

“Being able to provide a place where everyone feels welcome and appreciated is a fundamental building block to learning,” Pudney said. 

Pudney’s most rewarding moment in her FHS student teaching experience has been the amount of students that say they wish she could stay longer. 

“This is especially rewarding the heart because as a teacher, it is my goal to build strong relationships with my students,” Pudney said. 

Pudney, like the others, has loved her experience as a student teacher at FHS. For Pudney however, the bond she has created with her students will make it very difficult for her to have to leave them in a few weeks. 

“Teaching is no easy task, but my mentors and students have helped me find my way,” Pudney said. “I have gotten to meet so many amazing new people and will be sad to leave FHS.” 

The FHS student teachers will finish out the school year and graduate from their schools once they have finished the semester. Good luck to these three teachers as they wrap up their student teaching and move on to their careers. 

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