Highlights of the Winter Sports Season

Molly Killian, Lifestyles Editor

As the winter sports season comes to an end, students recall their many big wins and  losses. It brought many smiles and frowns to student athletes’ faces, and was the last full sports season of the 2019-2020 school year. 

“At the beginning of November, our coaches made a decision to merge the junior varsity and varsity cheer teams which made one big varsity family,” junior Mackenzie Durant said. “That decision created a really big bond with everyone which led us to making history and advancing past districts. We worked really hard to accomplish our goal which was making it to regionals. Regionals was like the cherry on top of a really great season.” 

Many wins also went to the junior varsity girls basketball team. They won against their rival, Linden, and other schools such as Owosso, Swartz Creek and Holly. Their record stood at 7-0-6.

“The biggest thing that happened this season was definitely when we beat our cross-town rivals, the Linden Eagles,” sophomore Addie Wright said. “Playing against them is always a lot of fun, but winning makes it even better. We kept a really good record this season — winning more games than losing — and we had basketball alum Hannah Gadola as a coach, and she was really fantastic. She pushed us to be the best that we could be and got to know us on a personal level.” 

This year, the Boys Swim and Dive Team won the Counties meet for the first time in about thirty years and beat Grand Blanc at their own pool.

“This year the team swam against Grand Blanc and won, and that was a really big deal,” sophomore Michael Crane said. “Grand Blanc has always dominated our team in the past, but this year we finally caught them. Our training is what makes us able to beat teams like Grand Blanc. Spending so much time in the water before and after school helps improve our overall performance and pulls the team together. When we swim, we swim as a team, and I attribute that to a large amount of our success.”

The ski, ice hockey, boys’ basketball, bowling, wrestling and gymnastics teams also compete during the winter sports season. To learn more about Fenton High’s Ski team, click here. To view each sports’ full record, go to fentontigers.org.