Varsity competitive cheer attends regional competition


Riann Masi, writer

Hyping up the crowd and cheering for the football team is not the only thing cheerleaders do. Competitive cheer is also an option for those who decide they would like to continue cheering through the winter season. On Feb. 29 the varsity competitive cheer team attended the regional competition held at Fenton High School, which is a first for the team. 

“This year is the first year we’ve gotten through districts,” sophomore Laura Singer said. “Hearing that we got third place and looking around to see my teammates crying and smiling at each other was amazing; the pure joy I felt will be a memory I will remember forever.”

Training and practicing for competitions requires a large time commitment from the team members. From meeting on the weekends to after school, cheerleaders have to practice their stunts and mat routine constantly to polish their performances. Many cheerleaders have to perfect multiple stunts that involve throwing each other into the air. 

We have to trust the process,” senior Lilian Huynh said. “It takes long hours to perfect some of our stunts. If we don’t, then making a mistake can lead to injuries. Many cheerleaders can get mentally blocked when tumbling as well, causing them to mess up.” 

Cheerleaders compete in many different events, such as stunts, tumbling, and mat. During regionals, there are three rounds the team will compete in with their different events.

“Round one will be motions and jumps, round two is all about tumbling and timing and round three is all about stunting,” Huynh said. “All three rounds include facials, voices, and floor mobility.” 

The regional competition will be filled with the best teams in the state, such as Clio, Kearsley and now Fenton. The girls have been practicing for nine months to get the chance to compete at regionals, and they are hoping for the opportunity to compete at the state level next.  

“I am very nervous to be in front of so many amazing teams,” said Huynh. “It will be very intimidating to compete with some of these teams we’ve never competed with before.” 

This is a first for the FHS varsity cheer team, but hopefully not a last. The team has trained and practiced for a long time to be able to compete in this competition. Come out and support the girls as they cheer at home on Feb. 29.