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LeBron James: the most overrated man in sports

April 10, 2018

LeBron James was a great player. Keyword; was. As a rookie, and as a veteran, he played great. But now that he is on a below average team (Cleveland Cavaliers) with below average players, he is forced to carry a team. His stats have risen to a high level, but again, that is only because he is the only player on the team that is at least an average player. Anyone can average high points in a game when you are the only person who touches the ball.

Lebron James has been placed as the number one small forward/power forward in the league and is one of the highest ranking candidates for MVP. That is absurd; if you look at the list, you can see that there are other players in the league who are simply better. Kevin Durant, for one. Durant is a breakout athlete who has the ability to share the ball with some of the NBA’s best players, and still manages to put up crazy high numbers. When LeBron was on a team with the best, he averaged fewer points per game than Durant and was simply not as good of a player, and that was in his prime.

The only thing that Lebron should ever go down in history for is his ability to cry about everything. No player since Michael Jordan has complained about so much and whined about calls or no-calls as much as LeBron. Every little thing that happens in games, Lebron has something to say about it. It is embarrassing for the league and it has made the games less enjoyable to watch. In the Finals last year, I remember Lebron flopping and it made me laugh. Klay Thompson was defending him, and he stole the ball. LeBron went on to throw himself against the floor. After that, LeBron shouted at the official. He showed no respect to the official and he looked as if he was about to cry, it was pitiful.

When it comes to sports, LeBron James has annoyed the world. Nobody wants to hear it from him. He has been put up on a pedestal from the day he entered the league, and while he deserved it at one point, he no longer does. He’s not doing enough to be considered as a MVP candidate. LeBron acting as himself has put too much drama into the league. All we want to do is watch basketball, not a drama show. If we wanted that, we would watch Greys Anatomy. LeBron James is the beginning of the end for the NBA.

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