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The National Hockey League is losing its appeal

June 13, 2018

Nobody cares about the NHL. Honestly, though, I do not know anybody other than my grandpa who watches it, and he only watches the Red Wings. ESPN has a daily story on Snapchat that I do not miss. It keeps me up to date on the world of sports, but there are two portions of it that I do not hesitate to skip through, one of them being the NHL.

I skip hockey because it is just a waste of time they put on probably due to some contract. The only reason I would ever pay attention to the NHL is the playoffs because this year the Vegas Golden Knights are doing surprisingly well. Other than that, not my problem. Not anyone’s. Ever. Because it is boring.

I do not understand how someone can sit down for hours on end and watch people move on ice skating after a puck that is too small to see. It just does not make sense. Plus, they only score on average two to three times a game, so nothing ever happens. It’s not like basketball where they score 100 points a game. Nothing ever happens in hockey. Yes, it is impressive that guys can move the puck all over with a stick, but it doesn’t seem like an impossible task.

The only cool part about the NHL is the Vegas Golden Knights; they are dominating, but again, it is in a league full of bad teams/players. The lack of entertainment in hockey is due to players not having as much skill and dominance. Especially compared to hockey players in older generations such as in the 1990s. That was when hockey was a fun sport to pay attention to.

Sports have become extremely competitive and exciting to watch, yet hockey has failed to follow that trend. It has become background noise to viewers who are much more interested in basketball or baseball. The NHL is to blame, they have stopped all fights in the league and are producing less talented players. It is just causing a downward spiral for ratings and entertainment level. Something within the league needs to change, or the NHL is going to die out.

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