Tigers take on Linden Eagles for a collection of sports this week

Lauren Koscielniak, Writer

Linden High School has gone head-to-head against Fenton Tigers this past week in a total of eight sports. Each game or match took place on Monday, May 22, six of the eight were away at LHS.

“I have played varsity all four years of high school,” senior Chase Coselman said. “Playing linden was always a big rivalry game, especially with the year we’ve had so far; we had a lot of confidence going in and we got the job done. We don’t fear any teams at this point so we went in there with a good feeling winning both games 1-0 and 5-3. To be a part of this program is to represent Fenton baseball and all of the hard work that previous players and graduates have put in to make this a successful program once again. It should be about the name on the front of the jersey, not the back.”

Whether baseball players have been competing at the high school level for two years or four, those like sophomore Andrew Kerr have felt the competition between Linden and Fenton since their middle school years.

“Yesterday we swept Linden,” Kerr said. “We won the first [game] 6-2 and the second 1-0. We have always been close rivals with Linden, so every year they try to beat us, every year they pull up people, they move people down, anything it takes. It feels amazing, you want to beat your rivals, you want to beat your little brother. They are a good team to play and it is always a close game.”

On the move from one diamond to the other, varsity softball was batting against the Eagles away at Linden for their first and last matchup between each other for the season.

“We played better than we ever have before,” senior Maddie Welch said. “We really came together as a team for those games. If I have learned anything playing three (very different) sports for four years [at Fenton] here, it is that your personal roles on each team changes. For softball I am the voice of the team, screaming my head off on and off the field. I personally played pretty well, backed up all the plays I needed to and laid down a sacrifice bunt to advance the runners.”

While varsity softball beat the Eagles 10-6 and 16-7, JV softball went into their third-to-last set of games for the season on their home diamond taking two losses.

“We did lose both games, but we started out really well,” sophomore Kyra Schuyler said. “Linden is good competition because they probably put more practice in, they have probably worked on catching more. From looking at Linden’s skill level, they appear to have more background experience with travel teams than us. Going into the games, I felt pretty good despite the results being uncertain, we gave it our best even though the situation wasn’t the prettiest.”

From running bases to around a track, both the girls and boys JV track teams vouched at LHS in a metro league competition between Linden, Flushing, Swartz Creek and Holly high schools.

“It’s always fun going against Linden because I have so many friends there,” freshman Morgan Rettenmund said. “It’s a friendly rival and everyone plays their best, I am a pretty competitive person so obviously it makes beating Linden a little sweeter. Personally I feel extremely happy about placing (eighth), getting my personal record (78.9 feet) and scoring a point for the team. I am so thankful to have been able to compete at Metros, I like being involved in sports and representing my school.”

As for the girls JV track team, they placed first overall between the five high schools competing. Freshman Andrew Donar runs for JV track: he ran three races, two of which were first place relays.

“This whole season we’ve been blowing out our competition, undefeated by a landslide in the metro,” Donar said. “I broke my 400 personal record (56 seconds) and in the Four-by-Eight relay we got first, in the Open Eight I placed sixth, and in the Four-by-Four relay we won as well. I think this dynasty will last until our grade leaves despite losing seniors that definitely helped us to our title; there’s no question to that, but each grade has great potential to become the next leaders to replace each spot that’s being opened.”

Also running for a title is girls JV soccer as they wrap up the Metro with a win against LHS placing them first in the Flint Metro League this year once again.

“Walking into the game, I felt like the competition was going to be hard because we are both good teams,” freshman Trinity Sawyer said. “We are both at the same competition level; when we played the non-Metro preseason game against them, the score ended with a tie of 0-0. I had found out about winning the Metro title after the game was over on Monday. I was excited because it was against Linden so we were not only fighting for the title, but to prove our role, I was super pumped. Our game was concluded with a 1-0 win.”

JV and varsity soccer have collided with the Eagles for the second time this year, varsity having won both, closed the game at LHS with a 2-1 win for the Tigers.

“It is bittersweet having played one last Metro League game,” senior Miranda Campbell said. “It is always a battle, but it is always fun; it’s like the best game of the season because we are all so hype and so ‘lovey.’ Pulling off a win felt great because we always ‘talk smack’ and beating Linden no matter what sport is always fun because they are our biggest rival.”

Included in the battle, players from Fenton’s JV and varsity soccer teams dedicated their game to an officer, while LHS players dedicated their game to a veteran.

“As far as dedicating our game to an officer goes, I chose officer John Bedall who is a really good family-friend,” Campbell said. “He works for Monte township. I chose him because he is always around and with us, if we have a problem we will just text and he will be on it, he is always there for us, so that night I played for him.”

Seven out of eight teams for the Tigers have claimed a win against the Eagles during last Monday’s battle. Read about results and play-by-plays of games at Fenton Area Public Schools’ athletic webpage under “Spring Sports.”