Fenton boys basketball make a comeback to beat the Holly Bronchos 66-64

After being down 40-26 going into the third quarter, the boys basketball team did not let such a big point gap stop them from winning against the Holly Bronchos on Friday night, finishing 66-64.

“It was a crazy game,” senior Daniel Xiong said. “We were down by 17 points and the fact that we were coming back and making it a close game with the team that was supposed to be the best in our league got our student section going wild.”

Sophomore Ross Ebert led the team with 15 points, then went down with an ankle injury in the second quarter. Senior James Claborn had 14 points and junior Austin Bossenberger had 11 points.

“The game was hype,” senior Bobbie Eastman said. “The comeback we had was crazy. We have a really good team this year.”

Also helping the team by scoring 11 points was junior Dillon Gardner, former Holly student who transferred to FHS this year.

“I think we did really well against Holly,” junior Dillon Gardner said. “We all played super hard and everyone had something to do with our win. Holly is definitely a strong team, they have  great scoring ability.”

Holly was number one in the Metro League, with a 6-0 record going into the game. The Tigers had a 3-3 record.

“After that win I think we’re going to start playing really well,” Gardner said. “I think we’re going to start winning a lot of games because that showed us what we’re capable of.”

While the boys are playing tough on the court, the student section has been making the people off the court and in the stands support the team to their fullest potential.

“I think our student section is the best it’s ever been,” Xiong said. “The underclassmen are actually cheering this year, and we have guys like seniors Michael Conroy and Alex Fulton getting all of us hyped. They do awesome stuff like silent night and ‘parting the red sea’, they’re all fun and cool for our student section.”

Not only are fans noticing the noise of the student section, the boys on the court are noticing it as well.

“The student section helped definitely got us pumped for the game,” Gardner said. “They’re like another guy on the court.”

The boys’ next game is Jan. 24 at home against Lapeer East at 7:30 p.m.