Batman vs Superman Filming begins in Detroit

The latest superhero movie to roll its way to Hollywood is first making a stop in Detroit. In fact, the entire film will be recorded and produced in Pontiacs’ Michigan Motion Pictures Studio. The blockbuster film starring Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavill as Superman will be the largest film ever set in Michigan.

“I am a Batman fan and can not wait to see this movie.” freshman Nick Rose said “ I like the type of action Batman brings, and that with superman should make a great movie.”

Batman vs Superman is currently the unofficial title of the movie that will bring Michigan and estimated $131 million in in-state expenditures according to Mlives Dustin Block. Thirty-five million dollars will go toward movie production as a part of Michigan’s film Incentive program. Also stated by Block the movie is set to create 406 jobs as well as $5.1 million will be spent in local hotels.

Previous movies to come to Michigan include Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Real Steel. Possible reasons for producers seek out Michigan as a film destination could be found in the state of the auto industry. Rapid decline in manufacturing in Detroit left various vacant buildings and lots fit or shooting movies available. As well as the film incentive program which gives movie producers money towards films shot in Michigan in return that money is spent in the local economy.