Giving Blood and Helping Hands: Fenton High hosts its second blood drive of the year and its most successful in history


PHOTO Alyssa Trapp

Holding gauze to her arm, senior Amber Bailey finishes up giving blood.

Finishing his shift, NHS blood drive volunteer senior Ross Person checks in for another service opportunity: this time, donating blood himself.

“It was my first time giving blood,” Person said,  “I wanted to give 1.5 pints of my blood, but they wouldn’t let me since I was a first time donor.”

With volunteers checking in donors and providing them with snacks after they give blood, everyone in Fenton’s auxiliary gym was busy.

“We blew last time out of the water,” blood drive chair senior Ben Bissell said.  “Last blood drive, we only collected 58 pints of blood, which was our lowest ever.”

This time, though, NHS set a record high.

“We ended up with 110 people showing up, and we successfully got 99 pints of blood,” Bissell said.  “Ninety-nine is the highest in Fenton history.  Hannah and I previously set the record at 78 pints last year and we broke it but 21.”

Whether giving blood or giving their help, students at Fenton High worked with Red Cross staff members to make this blood drive a success.

“I had a good experience overall,” Person said. “I almost passed out but I think that was because I ate about five minutes before giving blood.  I was happy to donate and serve for NHS.”