With the 2014 Winter Olympics being held in Sochi, Russia, the eminent terrorist threats make the appeal of attending not so high anymore

Every four years, the Winter Olympics are held to celebrate the greatest winter sports athletes from around the world. This year, there is a lot of controversy concerning the host city, Sochi, Russia, due to the terrorist threats, poor living conditions and ongoing construction that has come about.

“I wouldn’t go to the Sochi Olympics with the eminent terrorist threats,” junior Page Dean said. “My personal safety is more valuable than watching the Olympics that can be seen on TV.”

Although this is some athletes first year attending the games, other athletes, like Team USA hockey defenseman Ryan Suter and speedskater Tucker Fredricks, have advised their families not to attend the games.

“I wouldn’t want to endanger my life just to see the Olympics in person,” junior Katie Conroy said. “It’s not worth it. If the families of the people in the Olympics aren’t even going I wouldn’t want to go either.”

Other threats that have arose within Sochi include security precautions, controversy over gay rights and the ridicule over poor preparations. Also, athletes like US snowboard star Shaun White have dropped out of a competition due to the slopestyle course being “too intimidating”.

“I wouldn’t go, even though it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity,” junior Julia Herstein said. “I wouldn’t want to risk my life for something I could just watch on TV.”

The 2014 Sochi Games start tonight with some qualification rounds, and tomorrow is the official opening ceremonies. The games last until Feb. 23.