Favorite Super Bowl commercials

The Super Bowl has always been a big point of the year no matter where you are. Some people are in it for the football, while others are just along for the ride. Which is what the massively hyped up halftime show and the ridiculously expensive and elaborate commercials are all about—ensuring there’s something for everyone.

The race to coming up with a funny and entertaining commercial is even more important considering that one time slot of 30 seconds costs over four million dollars. This year some of the favorites were Volkswagen-Wings, Doritos-Time Machine, Coca Cola-Its beautiful and Audi-Doberhuahua. However no one can disagree that this year the winner of the commercial race seemed to be Budweiser, with their commercials of Puppy Love and A Heros Welcome doing very well with those watching.

“My favorite by far was the puppy one for Budweiser,” freshman Michael Pearce says. “the other ones were good but that one was definitely the best.”

In Budweiser’s Puppy Love you follow the first weeks of a puppy that gets adopted but keeps coming back to the place he was born because of the bond he has with a clydesdale horse that lives there.

“I am not afraid to admit it,” freshman Jenna Mazurek says. “I truthfully only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials, they’re good and funny.”