Robotics team forms; provides members with scholarship opportunities and hands on learning experience


Freshman Luke English puts wires together on the robot in preparation for the team’s upcoming competition that will take place March 6-8 at Kettering University.

Leaning over the table in the lab room, with gadgets and gears strewn about, freshman Luke English works on the robotics team’s latest project. Members of this club get a hands-on experience both on the computer and in the workshop.
“My favorite part of robotics is workingwith other people and seeing our work come together,” freshman Luke English said. “I joined because I wanted more of a mental challenge as oppose to a physical one and robotics helps me accomplish that.”
The Titanium Tigers are sponsored by teachers Andy Cocagne and Sara Gadwa, they also compete in tournaments around the state. The Titanium Tigers often make robots to participate in games
“The goals for our robot usually includes games in which a ball has to moved into a goal,” English said. “It is usually a simple task but the execution is difficult.”
The robotics team has been a beneficial extracurricular activity for sophomore Emma Lane as her work on the team helps with her personal project.
“So far robotics is a lot of fun, I was going to make a robot for a personal project before I joined the team, however that didn’t end up too well,” Lane said. “The club just started recently and the fact the I have friends in the club as well makes me feel a lot more comfortable being there; they make it even more fun than it already is.”
Joining the team also gives students unique opportunities that you would have otherwise not had.
“My favorite part of robotics is using the power tools,” Turner said. “My friend, Faith and I are also in charge of the twitter page.”
No previous knowledge of robotics is needed to join the club, although it is not discouraged. The main goal is to simply show how students can work with mechanics and science and make it fun by setting goals.
“I think that the robotics club is going great for only starting a month ago,” Gadwa said. “Everyone gets along so well even though it is mostly freshman and sophomores, with a few seniors.”
There is $18 million total scholarship funds available to be divided amongst seniors from teams including the Titanium Tigers. For information on robotics and available scholarships visit