Fenton graduate returns to head coach boys golf team and lead the program to more success

While the girls soccer team deals with playing on the gym floors and the track team runs through the halls, the boys golf will not only have to endure the indoors like other teams, but they will also be under the instruction of a new coach: Fenton alumnus Ty Szczepanski.

While he volunteers with the high school basketball programs, Szczepanski was given an opportunity to be the full time boys varsity golf coach after the former coach Steve White resigned.

“Ty has done a nice job in other coaching areas, like at the AGS,” Athletic Director Michael Bakker said. “He also volunteers in the basketball program and he played golf here when he was in high school. He earned this opportunity and I believe he will continue to build upon the success of the program.”

In his third year of coaching middle school boys basketball, Szczepanski led his eighth grade team to a 4-5 record and his seventh grade team to a 7-2 record. He hopes to have as much success as he had with the two teams with the boys golf team.

“I’m happy to have the opportunity to continue to move the golf program in a positive direction,” Szczepanski said. “As a recent alumni who played golf here, I hope I can give back not only to the golf program but to Fenton athletics as a whole.”

Szczepanski was a 2010 graduate of FHS. While in high school, he played basketball and golfed all four years and soccer for two years.

“I think the athletes will like Ty,” Bakker said. “He is strong in the area of building good relationships with athletes, and that’s a bonus he will definitely bring to the team.”

When the snow finally melts off the courses and the temperature starts to rise, Szczepanski says he is looking forward to leaving the lunchroom and starting the practices on the greens.

“I’m looking forward to being out on the golf course this spring with the guys to work on their games,” Szczepanski said. “I also want to help provide an extremely positive experience for everyone involved in the program.”