Erebus Haunted House review

Alexandra Marsee, Writer

Erebus is a four story haunted attraction in Pontiac, Michigan. Being the biggest haunted house in America, it attracts tens of thousands of thrill-seeking patrons a year. The terror-filled tower has been open for over a decade and employs hundreds of actors. Owner Ed Terebus keeps a full-time staff to plan and work on the attraction, despite being open for only 30 days a year. If you dare, take a trip down to Erebus, where first class effects will leave you shivering forever.

Located downtown, Erebus is a destination that is easy to find. The 45 minute drive from Fenton is well worth it for anyone who is looking for a Halloween scare. The tickets are available online and at the door, which are easy to access and purchase. When you first arrive, a professional scare photo is taken at the beginning and end of your journey and a copy will be available when you finish the trip. It is a cool way to compare yourself before and after the dreadful haunt.

PHOTO Alex Marsee

The scare theme changes every year, the one chosen this year is time travel. The story is as follows: a scientist’s funding was cut so he disguised his time travel machine to look like a haunted house. He is on the march to find as many test subjects as he can to finish conducting his experiment. You are his potential test subjects, where you go through each section of the attraction that has a different theme; jungle, circus, lab, city, and more. The objective is to get out before he gets you.

One of the worst parts of haunted houses is the build up before. Although it is said things cannot touch you, be prepared to have the monsters bite you, grab you, and throw you in a dark room. It is recommended that no one under the age of 13 goes inside, but may at their own risk. The easiest way to get through this nightmare is bringing a friend, parent, or date. It will be much easier to curb your jitters if you have someone’s hand to hold. To date at Erebus, 7,086 victims have tried and failed, will you be next?