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The new teachers of Fenton High

Dylan Dockins, Writer

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Brian Murphy – Social Studies

Hometown: Novi

Favorite Music: Led Zeppelin

Favorite Movie: The original “Star Wars” trilogy, “Forrest Gump”

Food: Italian

Favorite Book: “On The Road” by Jack Kerouac

High School: Novi High School

College: Washtenaw Community College and Eastern Michigan University

Pets: Black lab hound named Thor

Words to Live By: “Don’t pass it on if you know it’s wrong.”

The Ah Ha Moment: “One of the first times I stepped into a classroom. I had my degree and I was finally the teacher of a class it was like ‘ah ha, this is it. This is what it is going to be.’”

Role Model: His grandfather, Clifford Murphy, along with many guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix and George Harrison

Passions: Outdoors along with playing guitar


Kevin Ratza – Math/Biology

Hometown: Flushing

Words to Live By: “You miss 100 percent  of the shots you don’t take,”

Role Models: His parents

Favorite Music: Loves all music except country

Family: Married with two kids

Favorite Book: Anything by Malcolm Gladwell

High School: Flushing High School

College: Ferris State University and University of Michigan-Flint

Food: Pasta with cheese


Cassiopeia Benedict – Math

Hometown: Holly

Favorite Band: Queen

Favorite Movie: “Parenthood”

Favorite Book: “Ender’s Game” by Orson Scott Card, anything by Stephen King

High School: Walled Lake Western and Holly High School

College: Schoolcraft Community College,Washtenaw Community College, Eastern Michigan University, University of Michigan-Flint

Family: Married, A daughter named Andromeda and a son named Panagiotis

Pets: A dog and chickens

Words to Live By: “Be kinder than necessary.”

Role Models: Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain


Tracy Jambeck – Art

Favorite Music: Josh Groban

Favorite Movie: “The Sound of Music”

Favorite Book: “The Giving Tree”

Favorite Foods: Fruits

High School: Walled Lake Western

College: Central Michigan University.

Family: Four children and six  grandchildren

Pets: A cat

Words to live by: “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

An ah ha moment: “All people around you are going through problems of their own. You never know someone until you’ve walked in their shoes. I have learned not decide who somebody is before I gotten a chance to have a conversation with them.”


Jeff Baldwin – CADD/ Architectural

Hometown: Flint

Favorite Music: Classic Rock

Favorite Movie: “My Cousin Vinny”

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Book: John Grisham

High School: Ainsworth High School

College: Central Michigan University

Family: Married, a 28 year-old son

Words to live by:  “Stay young as long as you can.”

Role Models: A mentor he had when first teaching

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