Student Council announces classes can decorate Spirit Trucks instead of floats for Homecoming

Pictures of the winning Homecoming 2013 float

Float building has occupied homecoming activities for many years now, but this year, classes now have the option to decorate what have been named Spirit Trucks in the place of a full-fledged float. The idea was given to Student Council by Principal Mark Suchowski, and the final decision was made over the summer.

“Some of the class sponsors were concerned and felt that the students weren’t participating,” Student Council Adviser Jill Starr said. “They felt like they were doing a lot of the work and that’s not how it’s supposed to be. It’s supposed to be student driven.”

The lack of participation and the short amount of time to get the floats done drove Student Council to look for an alternative to floats. They hope the trucks will be less work for those that are participating.

“There’s not really any requirement,” senior Student Council member Sarah Lawrence said. “It’s kind of like a float but should be more simple because it’s a car. It will make it easier and less expensive.”

Student Council is aware that not all classes are having problems with student participation, that is why they are only offering the Spirit Trucks as an option for classes.

“People, if they want to have a float, are more than welcome to,” Lawrence said. “I know the junior class has lot’s of participation and we’re not trying to discourage them at all. This is just for other classes, who don’t have a lot of participation.”

The sudden change is not approved by all students.

“Everyone had floats last year and it worked out,” sophomore Logan Carter said. “You can’t do anything to a truck so I don’t think we should do it.The student participation problem is lack of communication and their fault for not caring.”

Even though some students oppose the idea of having something other than floats be judged on September 26, many accept the reasoning behind it and see why the decision was made.

“I think it would take less time and be easier to decorate a truck, since we have a short amount of time,” junior Chloe Kotarak said. “If it’s possible to do a float, we probably will. But either way I think we will do well and keep our winning streak.”