Books vs. Movies: Which one is better?

Books vs. Movies: Which one is better?

The greatest question with books and their movie companions is which one is better of the two. Adaptations of books into movies can be lucrative and risky when it comes to fans of the books. Sometimes they sway perfectly with the novel and sometimes do not line up exactly with the novel. Books and movies though compete as to which one is better, books or movies. 

Harry Potter: 

The classical wizard tale of Harry Potter and his journey as the boy with the lightning scar spans over seven books and was later transformed into eight movies over the early 2000s. Written by J.K. Rowling, the books created a new world that is unlike any other series. The books are very close to the movies, and are accurate with plotline and only has a few plot holes. However, the books are essentially better than the movies because they have side stories and details that aren’t represented in the movies, but overall the books and movies are comparable. 

Percy Jackson: 

Percy Jackson and the Olympians, a Greek infused mythological story based on a twelve year old boy and his adventures as the son of a Greek god. The movies were bland and distasteful compared to the book series that was generous in detail and provided a vivid canvas of the world of Percy Jackson. The movies weren’t lavish in detail on how the plotline is portrayed, how the characters completed their quest and weren’t rich in the mythological tinge that is present. The books provide a fruitful taste of Greek Mythology and modern times unlike the movies. 

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before: 

There is always a classic teen romance, from the jock and cheerleader to the bad boy and the nerd. The bestselling novel, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is a romance  novel that follows Lara Jean, a girl who wrote love letters to every one of her crushes and somehow they get mailed. The movie was aired on Netflix and resembles the novel perfectly. Lara Jean remained her same ethnicity as she was in the book, a detail forgotten in many movies. The movie showcases the plotline perfectly from Lara Jean to each of her five crushes that are presented with a letter. The movie does the book justice, but it still remains that the book was better with a fresher tale for teens and overall a non-cliche taste for the teen romance genre. 


The dystopian tale spins a world where everybody is divided into five factions. The books became widely popular and produced three movies. The story focuses on Tris Prior and her role in this world with five factions and her fight against her government. The books went swell with the first movie but the sequel and threequel crashed and burned. The third movie was split into two parts, but part two never came. The movies looked awful compared to the book. Overall, the book compares better and gives the reader more insight on the factions and the world. Divergent was a great book series overall, but the movie did not succeed in comparison.