New Meal Plan leaves students unsatisfied

Carly Riggs, Content Editor

The New Meal Plan, campaigned for by First Lady Michelle Obama, has been raising questions. While students are aware of the changes in the lunch at school, many are confused by the aspects of the plan.

“I don’t like the new school lunch meal; I really don’t understand why we have it,” sophomore Jenna Mazurek said. “The only thing that everyone is telling me is that the meal law is set to take away everything we want. All I hear is how we have new cookies and we aren’t allowed to bring in food for SRT parties.”

A common misconception students have is that the school cookies were changed into different ones because of the fat content. However, one point of the new lunch standard is to eliminate “empty” calories, which is what Fenton High has been trying to do by changing the recipe for many old foods.

“I am not a fan of the new lunch arrangement that the school is doing,” freshman Felicia Lee said. “I don’t think that just because someone wants us to eat a certain way means we all have to or should have to.”

While there are things that have been changed in the lunch room, almost everything has stayed the same. If the lunch plan is a problem, bringing a lunch from home is always an option.

“The only thing that we’re doing is cutting down on salt, fat and calories,” lunch lady Julia Diamond said. “It’s all portion control like with the chicken, instead of five or six tenders we have switched to giving three and giving more fruits and vegetables. We have also been trying to encourage healthy choices by adding new things like the fresh salad bar.”

While some people are content with cutting calories and enforcing portion control, others have different opinions on the matter.

“My personal opinion on the new lunch plan cutting out sodium and all of the other stuff is that it really doesn’t make much of a difference,” senior Andrew Tesner said. “I understand them trying to cut down on child obesity, but that doesn’t affect everyone. They’re sheltering us from the real world, where we are going to find sodium and gluten free pizza that isn’t very expensive.”

Counting carbs, cutting calories, and watching the sodium content are all points of the New Meal Plan. While some students might not necessarily like it, they’re in for a change.