She vs He: finding the perfect gift for a significant other

What She Really Wants

Content Editor Riley Wilson

To some guys, girls seem like a intricate creation that can only be figured out through time and energy. This is not the case, especially when speaking the language of gifts. The gift guide for girls is simple, especially on holidays such as Valentine’s Day. Three words will help guys out when they are trying to find a gift for their significant other: classics are key.

“Valentine’s Day is a special holiday for me because I’ve had a boyfriend for almost two years, so I am use to spending it with him,” sophomore Emma Glynn said. “The gifts that I like to receive are a box of chocolates or a cute little necklace or something like that.”

Research shows that giving and receiving gifts is very important in building relationships and creating romantic interactions. Giving and receiving gifts strengthens the bond that two people have, be it with family or friends.

“I am allergic to chocolate, so on Valentine’s Day I would not want a box of chocolates and would rather have a stuffed bear. That would be cute,” freshman Ariana Mansour said. “I think it is important to give and receive gifts in relationships to show that you care. Of course not all the time, but on special occasions.”

Gifts are not everything, and many people think this is true. Gifts do not have to be expensive. In fact, studies shows that women actually prefer a homemade gift compared to a store bought gift. The famous saying still stands, the best gifts come from the heart.

“In relationships, you can give and receive gifts if you want to but it just depends on the person,” Glynn said. “You don’t have to buy something expensive just to make them happy. Gifts can just be from the heart.”

When it comes to the time to buy a girl a gift, the cliche roses, chocolates, and teddy bears are the way to go. Another equivalent option would be to strap on the safety goggles, grab a pair of scissors and DIY directions.

What He Really Wants

Writer Michael Pearce

For guys, Valentine’s Day isn’t their favorite holiday of the year. They face the decision on what to get their partner and if it is good enough or equal to what they will receive. If they don’t, then they get to laugh at their friends stressing out about what to get.

Many assume that Valentine’s Day is a female holiday, and in general it is. Girls may want a lot or something specific for Valentine’s Day, but most guys might not even want anything at all. However this doesn’t mean that guys shouldn’t get anything at all.

“To me, Valentine’s Day gifts don’t really matter,” sophomore Brendan Triola said. “I think that having people in your life that you love and trust means a lot more than a card or some chocolate. But hey, chocolate is good, too.”

Gifts do not mean the world, but it really depends on the individual’s importance of the day. To most guys, Valentine’s Day is not important, but as always, there are exceptions to the rule.
“I expect a teddy bear filled with chocolates and a year-long subscription to Netflix.” junior Jacob Gutzeit said. “Once I activate my subscription, I can watch all the sappy love movies so I can get in the holiday spirit.”

Most of the time, gifts for a guy can be a tough thing to decide. Guys don’t really like the stereotypical Valentine’s Day gifts like girls do. Girls can never go wrong with food for a guy. The best gifts are the ones you can eat.

“Personally if I was going to get something for Valentine’s Day, I would want my favorite food,” sophomore Colin O’Connor said. “Nothing is better than getting food as a present. It’s the perfect gift.”

The old saying is true. The way to a guy’s heart really is through his stomach, and it’s a great way to go. Most won’t care if they get anything or not, but getting some food on Valentine’s Day is a great way to make this stressful day a lot more stress-free.