In the Spirit of . . . Spring

Caitlin Heenan

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February 14, 2015

Attention. After the snow melts and the birds return, one may notice him/herself gaining energy, losing concentration during class and feeling an overwhelming need to cease all work and simply smell the fresh, clean air.

Those experiencing these symptoms, be warned. An infection is spreading, spring fever. Dosages of sunshine and dancing in the rain must be administered immediately.

Spring fever is a breeding ground for senioritis… freshmanitis, sophomoreitis and junioritis as well, or the all encompassing Ijustreallydon’twanttobestuckatschoolwhenIcouldbeinthesunshine-itis.

I know this condition may seem like a joke. Admittedly, it has a funny name, but the side effects of spring fever can be fatal, especially to grades. With the impending threat of heat, flowers and sunshine approaching, the chance of random days off during the week due to cold and snowy weather is gone. This fact, coupled with the school year getting shorter and shorter by each passing week often sends students in a disarray.

The most detrimental symptom to spring fever is procrastination and people who are already notorious procrastinators may suffer from simply not turning in assignments at all. Other signs of infection by spring fever include; an increased desire to skip school, day-dreaming while staring outside and continuous pleading for hosting class outside.

Never fear students. Even teachers are not immune to the contagious power of spring fever. We are all human and all suffer from the lack of sunlight as rays are less direct in the winter and we tend to stay indoors due to the cold.

According to the New York Times, “The change in seasons prompts a readjustment in the body’s internal chemistry. One popular theory is that the increasing intensity and longevity of sunlight in spring is somehow measured by the brain, probably through the eyes. This information is then transmitted to the pineal gland in the base of the cerebrum, which responds by reducing its secretion of melatonin, a hormone that influences mood and energy levels”.

Although spring fever may be impossible to avoid, no matter how many times one washes his or her hands, there are methods to prevent the symptoms of the sickness.

Students and teachers alike, keep in mind, summer will come and school will be out. Assignments need to be completed to get there. After all, there is always Spring Break to look forward to.