Varsity girls softball wins against Holly 13-1

Jennifer Eisenbeis, Writer

The girls varsity softball played a five-inning game against Holly on May 4, winning 13-1. Two JV softball players were brought up to the varsity team for the game and one of them, freshman Maddie Carr, hit a grand slam.

“I felt really good,” Carr said. “It was a grand slam, I can’t really explain it, because I felt so good.
The varsity team was missing two players and we [Carr and sophomore Elise Delecki] had to be moved up to for the game. If we weren’t moved up, there wouldn’t have been enough players to be able to host the game.”

At the end of the third, it was 8-1. During bottom of the third inning, there were four RBIs(runs batted in), the players who scored them were, sophomore Meaghan McArdle, sophomore Logan Carter, junior Macie Keller and junior Brenna Hatch. The inning turned into a two out rally, where the Tigers’ had two outs, and brought in six runs.

At the bottom of the fourth inning, Delecki had to switch places with senior Paige Dean, who was at first base after getting a dead ball.

As the girls started their last inning, the score was 13-1. During top of the fifth inning, Carr caught a fly ball, resulting in the Bronchos first out. The game finished after Keller, Mowery and senior Katie Cairnduff had a double play, getting one player out at second and first base.

The team’s next home game is May 11 at four p.m. against the Flushing Raiders.