Gift cards? Yay or Nay?

Special occasions call for gifts, there is a certain gift that is appropriate to give to a loved one. When running out of gift ideas to give to friends and family, gift cards offers an alternative, and they are an appropriate gift idea.

Choosing a gift, sometimes you hit a brick wall and just don’t know what to get for those special people in your life. With a gift card, you’re allowing your loved one to get whatever he or she wants, rather than getting them something they don’t want, or already have.

Gift cards may be seen as not appropriate gifts because they may be general. However, gift cards are a thoughtful way to gift a person. For example, if  your friend likes the sushi from Sagano’s, you could get them a gift card for Sagano’s so they can enjoy a sushi meal, knowing that you were the  one who paid for it.   

The downside of gift cards is that you are compelling your loved one to shop at a store of your choice. When giving a person who is special to you a gift card from a store that isn’t local makes it difficult for them to redeem or it go unused. Gift cards can be sold or exchanged if the person is not going to use them, or does not like the store from where the card is from for money, which can be spent wherever the person wants to spend it. Multiple websites you can sell or exchange your cards include:,,,
Gift cards are an appropriate gift to give. They are a good way to show thoughtfulness and can always be exchanged for money just in case that person is not going to be able to use in  the future. people may say that gift cards are not a good gift idea and are too general to give to a person over the holidays, but in the end it’s about the thought behind the gift that really counts, and not the plastic card.