Life of a state fan

A Saturday night at my house would not be complete without a phone call after a Michigan State game. After four quarters of frustration and yelling at the television my dad and his friend from college will sit on the phone for a good hour and rehash the game. They will dissect every play, criticize every call and offer their advice even though no one with influence is actually listening. This pattern is so predictable that caller ID is no longer necessary.

Michigan State has a legacy of great academics and athletics, but they also have a legacy of giving football fans grey hairs. The team is oftentimes unpredictable and disappointing. However, every Saturday the game is on.

Despite the team’s flaws, the Spartan atmosphere makes up for it. Tailgating at Spartan Stadium is quite impressive. After years of attending games and having Arnie McMuffins (my dad’s college friend Arnie makes wonderful breakfast sandwiches), I can honestly say that I have never seen experienced better tailgating anywhere else.
One of my favorite Spartan traditions is Zeke the Wonder Dog who first caught frisbees on the field at halftime in 1977.  Tryouts are now held to ensure that Zeke is never absent from halftime.

The Spartan walk takes place on the morning before every game. The team walks 10 minutes from their hotel to Spartan Stadium. On the way they pass the almost 10-foot-tall Spartan statue where they chant the signature Spartan cheer “Go Green! Go White!” State fans are a resilient people we have continued to cheer for our team through good years, bad years and years that were simply embarrassing. From my childhood where I spent games mimicking the cheerleaders with my own green and white pom poms to now when I can actually follow football, I will go toe to toe with any Michigan fan who begins to trash talk. That is simply what you do when you bleed green.