Human Experiences May be Root of Violence

The way people are nurtured could provide insight into violence

As the news headlines reel with another chaotic shooting or bombing, the question is raised again: What causes all of this? Could it be violent video games or bad influences? Or is it a deeper meaning, such as the evil that exists in society? I think the answer is simple, the way we are nurtured shapes the person we will become.

Many media sources claim that all of this recent violence is the result of video games in our society. I find this to be simply illogical. How can a simple game that people play to have fun make you want to go on a murderous rampage? People may reference the Grand Theft Auto series of games to try to prove their point. However, anyone raised with any sort of morals and common sense should be able to play these sorts of games and be a perfectly normal member of society.

So what actually causes this sort of behavior? Some believe it may stem from the individual’s childhood. Bad influences when they were children or some other sort of trauma, be it parental disputes or even divorce, could cause some irregularities that could lead to violent acts. Divorce is more taxing on the individual than most realize. The stress may be amplified if they believe that the separation was their own fault. Things like that perhaps, may lead to the feeling of wanting to end it all, while letting their message be heard as well.

The sad thing is, most of these people who commit these heinous acts were not raised properly. Proper parenting goes a long way, in more ways than one. Morals need to be instilled from the beginning, so they learn right and wrong from day one. Learning that there is a repercussion for your actions is an important lesson. This may range from telling a lie to breaking the law, the meaning has to be there for them to not do it.