The seniors on the varsity volleyball team said goodbye to their teammates mid-October after the last home game


PHOTO Alyssa Trapp

The varsity volleyball players stand on the sideline holding roses to honor their senior players on senior night.

As the seniors took the baseline on their home court for the last home volleyball  home volleyball match of the season against Flint-Kearsley, junior Carly Granger stands off to the side with the rest of the underclassmen varsity players and prepares to give her speech she wrote for her senior teammates.

“Senior night is a night that we dedicate (to the seniors) and tell them how much we appreciate and how much we will miss them,” Granger said. “It was very emotional for me. I’ve been with all of them for so long and it’s hard to realize that in a year they will be pursuing with the rest of their lives.”

With the thought of college filling senior Morgan Gavulic’s mind, she reflects on her high school volleyball experience.

    “I’m not planning on playing (volleyball) in college, but playing in high school has taught me so much,”  Gavulic said. “It has taught me to have a positive attitude toward everything and that hard work pays off in the long run.”

Along the way, Gavulic has also grown close to the other seniors on the team.

It was our last home game of the season and all six of us seniors got to start together on the court for the first time, so that was pretty cool,” Gavulic said. “It is just really cool to see how much everyone in the program appreciates and supports us.”

Once the goodbyes were said, speeches given, and candy bags handed out, the team headed back to the locker room to continue their victory celebration.