Fall sports win seven of the eight Metro League titles

Ellie Vasbinder, Writer

Fenton Metro League athletes spent late nights and early mornings practicing and preparing for the season ahead. Because of this, Fenton took the Metro League title for seven of the eight fall varsity sports.

“Competition was definitely high and hard, but we toughed it out and did well during the season,” varsity football player junior Josh Maher said. “If we work together as a team and start collaborating more without having individual mindsets, I think we’ll be able to succeed more after the Metro season.”

Working toward a goal requires time and work, but athletes report the honor and recognition is what drives their efforts.

“It’s really awesome because we’ve won the Metro League for so many years,” varsity swimmer senior Grace Siefker said. “It’s just great to have another banner up on the wall when we win because we practice so often to be able to achieve this.”

In addition to the daily practices, many athletes often dedicate one to two weekdays for competitions and sometimes their weekends for invitational events.

PHOTO Madi Wheeler

“It was definitely a battle; it was challenging,” varsity volleyball player,
sophomore Delaney Miesch said. “But all of the girls on the team were really kind and positive and it feels special to be a part of a team where everyone works well together.”

Each athlete worked in order to keep the title in their possession for the team and the school. Participants started practicing for this season as early as two weeks after their seasons end if they are a fall or winter athlete. Others started training in the early summer after the 2015-2016 school year ended.

“Keeping the Metro title is a challenge. We are going to lose two of our top runners next season,” varsity cross country runner freshman Alexa Keiser said. “But it feels awesome to make history because it has never happened before.”

The outcome of the Metro League means Fenton advances toward the quest for the All-Sports Trophy, leading with 64 points. The team currently in the running for second place is Holly with 38.5 points.