Competitive Cheer Season Preview

The tryouts for competitive cheer were held on Nov. 18 and 19; 23 girls made the varsity team and they have been practicing every day after school trying to pull off stunts like 360-ups and switch libs. Every Monday they have a tumbling coach come in and help them with handsprings and tucks to achieve the big points at the competitions. Every thing they practice contributes to the routines they will be performing for the judges with hope of receiving first place trophies.

“We go over our routines a million times before competitions and we condition a lot,” sophomore Katy Kurncz said. “We stay at school until 10 at night some days going over each routine, perfecting every move.”

Fenton cheer has had some new additions to the team and they are looking at taking their title back this competitive season.

“Since my freshman year our team has definitely made a lot of progress,” senior Kaleigh Reeves said. “We used to be a seventh and eighth place team and now we’re ready for first place.”

The first competition is not until January but the team hopes to see more student body at the home competitions for support.

“Our team is very committed because we want to achieve our goal of making it past districts,” sophomore Hannah Farley said. “People should come see cheer competitions because we work very hard to show our school spirit and we would really appreciate our classmates’ support.”