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“I always thought that moving would be really cool, like a change of scenery and the people who you meet won’t know you so if you don’t like something about yourself you can change it and be different almost. But if I was put in that situation I would just be really nervous and scared and probably really shy. I thought about going to New York for film, but I’ve never been there so I don’t know what it’s like there, but it just seems so interesting to me. I would definitely miss my mom and my dog. I don’t know what I would do without my mom everyday because she is probably one of my bestfriends. She’s just a strong woman influence in my life and is everything I aspire to be when I grow up. She is a good leader, like she will take charge of something and she is so good at it and won’t let anyone step on her toes. If someone makes her mad or does something she doesn’t think is right she’ll tell them and make sure they realise that what they’re doing isn’t beneficial. For her job she is a big leader of putting software into hospitals, she works from home and when she’s on phone calls I listen to her and she’s just so smart and uses big words and it’s so fun to listen to her take charge. I don’t want to just live life without knowing my purpose I guess, like her purpose is definitely to be an influential person to people around her because shes such a good leader. Like I want to know what my purpose is in life and if you don’t let people step on your toes or tell you you can’t do this or that you won’t find that purpose. So It’s good to know that I have someone I can look up to for that.”

People of Fenton: Junior Jessica Lynch

McKenzie Lookebill, Arts & Entertainment Editor March 10, 2017

“Getting through these last few months of high school is hard. I will miss seeing my friends everyday and my SRT family. The majority of high school I will not miss. I think SRT is important because some kids work, play sports and participate in extracurriculars so they don’t have time to do everything. It is a time where students can get caught up and ask teachers for help, which I think is crucial for math and English especially where I think people struggle. SRT is also important because you are with the same group for four years you create a connection while you are there. It gives you a sense of belonging which I think is important. It is a basic level of belonging, where you fit in and people know you. I think I have utilized the time and in the past it has helped. Having a teacher that you can count on and talk to about anything without judgement is important, because they have gone through many of the same things that students have. They usually understand and try to help you figure out the issue to the best of their ability.”

People of Fenton: Senior Skylar Parks

McKenzie Lookebill, Arts & Entertainment March 9, 2017

“We were sitting at dinner and they just told me papa died. Afterwards we all sat on the couch crying together. I learned how to be patient towards people, right before he died he never remembered people’s names. It was either alzheimers or dementia, but when people are older and they can’t remember or even just regular people to be patient with them. When teachers don’t have something graded right away, they may have been with their family, or going through something at home, which teachers could consider too. It has made more understanding, because I am more open minded. Everyone is different, and everyone is going through something.”

People of Fenton: Sophomore Emma Senyko

McKenzie Lookebill, Arts & Entertainment March 7, 2017

“My friends are meaningful in my daily routine you always have them to lean on. I love having friends and hanging out with people because you are never lonely. They like the same things I do. Having someone to talk to when you are feeling down is important because you can’t tell your parents everything, they don’t get it. Friendship is basically like your family, it’s always good to have all kind of friends because there is always someone to talk to.”

People of Fenton: Junior Brandon Higham

McKenzie Lookebill, Arts & Entertainment February 28, 2017

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