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Freshmen Libby Maier, Ava LaFayette and Fiona Dunlop participate in Shrek the Musical

Lauren Koscielniak, Writer February 11, 2019

As they recite their lines and press on bold, bright make-up, freshmen Libby Maier and Ava Lafayette prepare to take the stage as performers at Starlight Theatre. The girls take on lead roles as Fiona...

The first set of quadruplets to walk the halls

Audrey Strickhouser, Features Editor October 13, 2017

The chance of having quadruplets is about 1 in 800000. The McKellar quadruplets beat the rare odds and walk the halls with the other students in the freshman class. The quads are fraternal and include...

Honors Literature and Composition 1 video chats with new publicised author

Emma Coffey, Academics Editor March 18, 2017

Literature and Composition teacher Sarah Anderson recommends a reading list for her students and other young adult literature fans who follow her Twitter. After seeing her name and the title of her book,...

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