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“IB Theatre puts a lot of work into the plays we do. Not even just IB Theatre, but the arts in general don’t get a lot of recognition for the work that they do. It’s nice that when we do IB shows, there’s a certain standard we are set to unlike a student show. Tonight I have rehearsal until 9 p.m., I spend a lot of time on theater for people to be like ‘not anyone can do that’. It feels really satisfying to see that people take it seriously. I think that theater has shaped who I am in general, freshman year I took a drama class and I took it because I was awful at public speaking. I still didn’t really do anything in the class, but I have opened up a lot about myself, I don’t care as much about speaking in public. Even though the things we cover in theater are movements I am already passionate about, but getting to do a show like the Laramie project where it covers it and I get to educate other people with it is really cool. It is hard to get people of listen to you when you are just talking about something, so you throw in a show with a learning aspect you are teaching and entertaining. It’s nice to have that forefront to block people off but also have them learn at the same time.”

People of Fenton: Senior Grace Shaw

McKenzie Lookebill, Online Editor in Chief January 30, 2018

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