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“We have our show for IB Theatre this weekend, the Laramie Project, we had to go home early and all after school events were cancelled and it will be pulled off well, but with so many snow days and so many people sick, we get really stressed out. We have to relearn staging and reteach staging, we have to sub for people that are gone, but I have to keep my head strong. I have to trust that my cast and class can work on their lines outside of school, and try to be two steps ahead of the game even though we are two steps behind. I am casted Trish Steger and narrator. Everyone has a narrator line or two. I’m Romaine Patterson’s older sister. Trish is very upset about what happened to Matthew Shepard, but she has to be there for her sister and the rest of the community. I think that it’s important to learn a part because you are playing a different character that’s not you, but you learn more about yourself and the difference between you and someone else. You learn about humanity and how people function within society. In this show particularly I have learned to listen to other opinions on both sides of the spectrum, whether its politics, or just personal beliefs. Through the past couple of years I have learned to be more confident with myself, even if it’s scary to do, just go out and do it. The first step in being confident is to look and your fears and ask yourself why you fear it, how you can overcome it. When it comes to said fear, I count to three and do it. I have huge stage fright and any time I go on stage I do my breathing exercises, I stretch, then I count ‘one, two, three’ and go on.”

People of Fenton: Senior Devin Wallen

McKenzie Lookebill, Online Editor in Chief February 1, 2018

“IB Theatre puts a lot of work into the plays we do. Not even just IB Theatre, but the arts in general don’t get a lot of recognition for the work that they do. It’s nice that when we do IB shows, there’s a certain standard we are set to unlike a student show. Tonight I have rehearsal until 9 p.m., I spend a lot of time on theater for people to be like ‘not anyone can do that’. It feels really satisfying to see that people take it seriously. I think that theater has shaped who I am in general, freshman year I took a drama class and I took it because I was awful at public speaking. I still didn’t really do anything in the class, but I have opened up a lot about myself, I don’t care as much about speaking in public. Even though the things we cover in theater are movements I am already passionate about, but getting to do a show like the Laramie project where it covers it and I get to educate other people with it is really cool. It is hard to get people of listen to you when you are just talking about something, so you throw in a show with a learning aspect you are teaching and entertaining. It’s nice to have that forefront to block people off but also have them learn at the same time.”

People of Fenton: Senior Grace Shaw

McKenzie Lookebill, Online Editor in Chief January 30, 2018

What the story of Matthew Shepard can teach Fenton High

What the story of Matthew Shepard can teach Fenton High

Sydney Bommersbach, Writer January 24, 2018

“Faggot,” and “that’s so gay,” are words thrown around in the hallways and in everyday conversations, not being thought about twice after being said. In order to force students to step back and...

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