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Taking Lockdown Procedures to a New Level

Taking Lockdown Procedures to a New Level

Anna Ebert, Writer November 20, 2017

Sitting in the classroom, working on a worksheet and a voice comes over the speakers and says that there is a practice lockdown procedure. As a result of the amount of break in’s and violences, the state...

During a lock down drill on Thursday Oct. 19, sophomore Ricky Giltrop puts a belt on the door hinge to help barricade the door. Barricading the door is a portion of the new lock down procedures.

New lock down procedure is different for foreign exchange students

Delaney Bryson, Writer November 16, 2017

Desks stacked up in front of doors. Dozens of students huddled in a corner, hugging their knees. The classroom is dark and no one makes a sound. After being taught how to practice lockdowns over and over...

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