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Opinion: Organ donation is too risky

Illustrations of the anatomy of the human head in profile in the style of a plastinate or an anatomical teaching model.

Hannah Young, Online Editor

June 11, 2019

Organ donation can be a disheartening activity. Because of the high cost, surgical complications that can occur. The ethical factors that lead people away from choosing to donate. More often than not, the negative of organ donation outweighs the positive. Some negative facts about donating organs are...

Basic information about being an organ donor

Basic information about being an organ donor

Sydney Bommersbach, Online Editor

April 23, 2019

According to American Society for Transplantation, one person’s decision to become an organ donor can make a difference in as many as 50 lives. Here is how to become a donor and the process through which donation is done. How to become an organ donor: The easiest way for students to be a don...