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Video: 21 questions class of 2021

Madysen Krug, Writer February 25, 2021

senior Mason Church 21 questions  

AGS teachers join high school staff

Alexis Megdanoff, Editor in Chief September 15, 2015

With vacancies from layoffs and extended absences, two teachers from AGS Middle School were transferred to the high school to teach English and science classes. Neither teacher has been at the high school...

Math teacher Steven Karr uses the Teach Everything app to create his online videos of notes for his Pre-calculus and AP Calculus students. Karr has used this app from the beginning of the school year so his students could watch lecture videos for homework and complete book problems during class time.

Q&A: Flipped Class

Caitlin Heenan, Editor-in-Chief October 24, 2014

What is Flipped Classroom? “It is different for different people. I personally produce videos on my iPad with the app called Explain Everything. What would have been a lecture during class is now...

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