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Society has changed for the worse, technology is the one to blame

Cameron Mathews, Writer January 20, 2015

Technology plays a huge role in the way society is viewed today. Research shows that technology is leaving a negative impact on society. If you look at what our parents say they did when they were teenagers,...

What I am and what I am not: A message to all

Riley Wilson, Content Editor January 15, 2015

During the last couple of years, I have spent my time soul searching, trying to find out who I am, who I am not, and what makes me that way. Sure, I could get into the chemistry of it all. I could tell...

World Born Blind: Society is incapable of eliminating prejudice, making the world an unfair, judged place

Caitlin Heenan, Opinion Editor May 2, 2014

Take a minute to reflect, to remember all the people you have judged. Think of all the people who have been denied chances and opportunities because of the clothing they chose to wear, the size of their...

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