Ambassadors travel to Washington D.C. for music festival

Madi Wheeler, Writer

As they hit the last note, the Ambassadors finished singing of the National Anthem at the Lincoln Memorial. The group traveled to Williamsburg, Virginia and Washington, D.C., for the Williamsburg Festival. Leaving on April 19 and returning on April 23, the group performed at the festival as well as some sightseeing in the Capitol.

“Our first day we walked around downtown D.C.,” senior Savannah Moore said. “We went to the Capitol building, the Smithsonian mall, we saw all the museums, we went to the Jefferson Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial where we actually got to sing the National Anthem. It was really fun and a cool experience.”

Besides seeing all the tourist attractions in Washington D.C., the group also went to Williamsburg Virginia to compete.

“My favorite part was competing; it was super fun performing in a different city for different people,” junior Jillian DeGroat said. “We go on a trip every year and usually to a different place. Last year, we went to Chicago, so this year we wanted to go somewhere a little farther away and compete in the Williamsburg Festival.”

The Ambassadors traveled to Washington D.C. for the Williamsburg Festival. While there, they were presented with many awards. Awards included both group and individual awards.

“We never go to competitions expecting to win anything,” director Brad Wright said. “We go and try to do our very best. However, at the competition the Ambassadors received Gold Awards for both Show Choir and Vocal Jazz. They also received the Maestro Awards for outstanding solos by Samantha Campbell and Emily Hayes; we also won an Adjudicator Award and Outstanding Choir award for the highest scoring Choir at the festival.”

The Ambassadors performed songs at the music festival that will be sung at the spring concert on May 12 and May 13, at 7:30 p.m. in the Ruby Zima Auditorium.